Saturday, 12 January 2013

Feeding the birds

At this time of the year, when there's not a lot of wild food around, our feathered friends can do with any extra help. Having a variety of foods will ensure to cater for the needs of different types of birds.
Having feeders also offers a great opportunity for bird-watching from the comfort of your own house. It is always quite exciting to see a new species come to your garden, or to see a previously lonesome bird feeding in the company of a potential mate.
Don't forget to have a source of liquid water on frosty days when most water sources might be frozen.

A Greenfinch feasts on peanuts, a great source of fat which is particularly important in the winter. 
One of the Goldfinches is feeding on Niger seeds, a favorite of them, while the other settles for the mixed-seed. The Tit family, such as the Great Tit and Coal Tit in the photo, love sunflower seeds.

A family of Sparrows retreat for a nap after a good feed

This family of Bullfinches came for the remain of the Blackberries. Having plants that produce edible fruits and seeds will also encourage  birds to your garden. 
Initially only one of this Lesser Redpolls  was visiting the feeders, but it was later joined by another one. The two of them are now regulars.


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